Fluid Energy Group
Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering, Kindai University



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Who we are

Fluid Energy Group at Kindai University has been active in experimental and numerical investigation of fundamental as well as applied fluid mechanics.

Our main focus in terms of engineering application has been wind energy. We do field measurements, wind tunnel experiments as well as numerical simulations to gain insights into wind turbine and wind farm aerodynamics.

In terms of fundamental research our long term goal is to reproduce atmospheric turbulence in the lab environment. We have been using active turbulence generator (ATG) for this work. Currently, we are developing a control mechanism for the ATG.

Ongoing research projects at the Fluid Energy Group include:

  • Comparison of aerodynamics and performance of upwind and downwind wind turbines
  • Design and control of an active turbulence generator (ATG) for reproduction of atmospheric flow
  • Large-eddy Simulation of Nearshore Offshore Wind Farms
  • Wind resource assessment for small wind turbines

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