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Jay Prakash Goit

Department of Mechanical Engineering
School of Engineering
Kindai University

Location: 1 Takaya-umenobe, Higashi-Hiroshima,
Hiroshima Pref, 739-2116 JAPAN

Email: jay.goit [AT] hiro.kindai.ac.jp


Graduate Student

Kosei Ichihara

Supervisor: Prof. Takatsugu Kameda
Research: Reproduction of atmospheric turbulence using wind variation device (WVD)

Undergraduate Students

Takuya Nishi

Research: Evaluation of airborne wind measurement system in wind tunnel experiments

Keita Murakami

Research: Turbulent boundary layer using block arrangement

Yuta Sibanuma

Research: Wind tunnel experiments of floating offshore wind turbine

Yuki Yasumoto

Research: Wind tunnel experiments of wind farms

Ryoya Isono

Research: Design and evaluation of a wind variation device

Kotaro Hirata

Research: Aerodynamic design of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for environmental monitoring

Masahiro Inoue

Research: Wind farm simulations

Ryota Kurimoto

Research: Wind farm simulations

Past Members


Kosuke Kaya

Thesis: Numerical simulation of a nearshore offshore wind farm.

Yutaka Oda

Thesis: Numerical simulation an actual offshore wind farm.

Manato Kawai

Thesis: Effect of floating motion on the aerodynamic characteristic of a floating offshore wind turbine.

Ryuta Negi

Thesis: Aerodynamic characteristic of a ballon for airborne wind speed measurement system.

Kai Takahashi

Thesis: Effect of nacelle shapes on upwind and downwind wind turbines.

Amuro Tsukino

Thesis: Evaluation of plasma actuator in the aeroelastic simulation of a wind turbine.

Sanskar Pathak

Internship student
Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India


Masakage Taguchi

Thesis: Evaluation of scanning Doppler LiDAR based Wind Field Measurements using Large Eddy simulation. Full text

Ayumu Ueda

Thesis: Evaluation of inflow wind on the wake of wind turbine modelled using actuator disk model.

Shotaro Kuroda

Thesis: Evaluation of aeroelastic model of a mid-sized utility scale wind turbine, using measured wind speeds.

Satoshi Goi

Thesis: Comparison of aerodynamic characteristics of upwind and downwind wind turbines in wind tunnel experiments.

Yiqui Dai

Thesis: Low altitude field experiment of balloon-based airborne wind resource measurement system.

Shunsuke Mibu

Thesis: Design and fabrication of a small wind tunnel for aerodynamic experiments.

Kaito Harada

Thesis: Modification and response analysis of wind variation device installed downstream of the wind tunnel test section.

Shoki Furumoto

Thesis: Design and fabrication of a low cost meteorological mast.


Seiya Enmei

Thesis: Wind tunnel experiment for the evaluation of aerodynamic characteristics of ballons for airborne wind speed measurment. Full text

Yuki Kamimera

Thesis: Evaluation of aerodynamic characteristics of a downwind wind turbine in wind tunnel experiments

Hayato Takeuchi

Thesis: Improve the performance of active turbulence generator and evaluation of its wind speed response. Full text

Shunsuke Nakahata

Thesis: Wind tunnel experiments of upwind and downwind wind turbines

Naoki Nomura

Thesis: Development and evaluation of the control system of aeroelastic simulation of a mid-sze wind turbine

Michihiro Hakoda

Thesis: LES of upwind and downwind wind turbine

Naoki Hiraoka

Thesis: Field measurement of balloon-based airborne wind speed measurment system. Full text

Takahiro Matsubara

Thesis: Performance evaluation of the airfoil for the wind of electric aircraft

Kazuma Yoda

Thesis: Evaluation fo aeroelastic model of a mid-size wind turbine using measured wind speed


Reo Uematsu

Thesis: Wind speed response to the phase change of active turbulence generator

Yasuhiro Ugumori

Thesis: Wind speed response to the rotational speed of active turbulence generator. Full text

Naoyuki Kageoka

Thesis: Wind tunnel experiment of downwind model wind turbine

Kentaro Kawasaki

Thesis: Construction of the aeroelastic model of a mid-size wind turbine

Hiroki Sunakawa

Thesis: Wind tunnel experiment of model wind turbine with

Taijyu Chokyu

Thesis: Method for evaluating the motion of the balloon-based airborne wind speed measurement system. Full text

Kento Hagihara

Thesis: Conceptual design of a 2-seat electric aircraft

Akihide Fukuhara

Thesis: Conceptual design and analysis of a 20-seat small electric aircraft. Full text

Ryomei Maki

Thesis: Design of a balloon-based airborne wind speed measurement system


Yotaro Tanaka

Thesis: Development of wind resource assessment technique for small wind energy systems

Ryohei Tanabe

Thesis: Design and manufacture of a model wind turbine for wind tunnel experiment

Shion Kambayashi

Thesis: Evaluation of water channel of fluid mechanics experiment

Shuichi Matsumoto

Thesis: Development of the aeroelastic model of a mid-size ( 300 kW) wind turbine. Full text