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BEMTurbine is an open source tool for the desing and analysis of wind turbines.

This tool is based on blade element momentum (BEM) analysis and consists of two main python scripts:

  1. optimum_rotor.py: Optimizes the blade shape (twist and chord) to the 'Betz optimum' blade. The input parameters for this script should be defined in setup/optimum_rotor.inp.

  2. BEM_analysis.py: It can perform two computations:
    (i) estimate thrust, torque and power coefficients as a function of tip-speed ratio,
    (ii) compute power, thrust and torque as a function of wind speed.

Variable Wind Speed Type Wind Tunnel

This wind tunnel is a closed-circuit type with 1.38 m long test section and square cross-section of 0.59 m long sides.

In addition to regular steady flow, this wind tunnel can also generate oscillating flow and flow with gust.