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Aerodynamics and performances of upwind and downwind wind turbines

In this project, we compare the performance of upwind and downwind wind turine configuration.

We have designed and fabricated model wind turbines with rotor diameter and hub height of 0.25 m. We are comparing the power coefficients of the two configurations, as well as the horizontal and vertical wake at various downstream locations.



Design and control of an active turbulence generator (ATG)

The aim of this research is reproduction of atmospheric turbulence in the laboratory environment using an active turbulence generator (ATG).

Currently, we are testing response of ATG motions (step, cyclic etc.). Response time and characteristics will be used to propose the control mechanism that will be most appropriate accurate reproduction of atmospheric flow.

Cyclic motion

Large-eddy Simulation of Wind Farms

Our main focus right now is offshore wind farm.

Airborne wind resource measurement system (ABWM)

The aim of this research to develop a balloon-based airborne wind resource measuremnent system.

Currently we have been focusing on evaluating the accuracy of the system by comparing the result against the met-mast measured wind speeds. We have also been evaluating the sability of the system using IMU and developing a method to correct the measured wind speed. In parallel, wind tunnel experiemnts are conducted to optimize the aerodynamic shape of the balloon.

Other research projects: